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Accounting Working Papers


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Your complete Compliance Working Paper Solution

Accounting working papers offers a quantum leap in working paper preparation with linked worksheets, automatic tax calculators, pre-filled information, colour highlighted cells for staff to follow and adjusting journals that are automatically prepared.

Accounting Working Papers Features

  • Central home page showing the working paper status of all working papers being “Completed”, “To Be Done” or “Not Applicable”
  • Over sixty linked MS Excel template worksheets
  • Template worksheets designed to be as user friendly as possible with minimal additional data entry or questions to be answered
  • Calculators within the worksheets automatically prepare journal entries for depreciation, Div 7A, UPE, tax, dividends, private usage and FBT, with other journal entries prepared where required.
  • Commentary on the tax or accounting treatment of transactions in highlighted cells

Say hello to Accounting Working Papers.

Easy to complete

The working papers have been designed to provide a practical step-by-step process for staff to use when preparing the clients financial statements.

The worksheets are easy to complete with prefilling information minimising data entry, coloured blue cells where data is required and internal calculators that automatically prepare any required adjusting journal entries. Information from Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks files, can be imported directly, further reducing data entry and input errors.

The home page brings it all together, highlighting worksheets status and linking to all worksheets with colour graphs providing end of year performance, benchmarking and audit risk analysis.

Accounting Working Papers History

The working papers have been written over the last ten years by Gregory Enright, a partner in Enright Holmes Chartered Accountants and an excel junkie.

The working papers initially came about on the basis that “if you need to do a calculation more than once put it on a spreadsheet”. From there the spreadsheets started multiplying to where the current version of the working papers is the result of many changes, additions and light bulb moments over the years with simplicity, practicality and use of current technology being the main drivers.

The working papers today provide an invaluable tool within their practice.

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